Security Awareness Training for End Users

Training to protect end users from cyber-attacks and fraud | taught by Michael Argast
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Leanne Brown

very informative training

Andrea Hart

Really enjoyed it!

I liked how you used humour to make this training course more interesting.

Firishta Qayumi

Leanne Brown

very informative training

Andrea Hart

I liked how you used humour to make this training course more interesting.

Firishta Qayumi

Sandra Daykin

***** Very informative - I did learn a few things:)

Cynthia Fischer

I thought it was a good overview

Kevin Simpson

You think you know enough but apparently there is always a bigger badder threat out there

Mojtaba Malek

Cathy Plowman-Watts

Thomas Wright

This program was short sweet and to the point...

Don Wright

Connie Meckelborg

Lots of timely information to help users become more aware of the various security risks! Well worth the time and financial investment.

Karen Meckelborg

I thought I was fairly aware when it comes to IT security, but this brought to light subtle nuances that have me realizing I need to be hyper aware and vigilant about every digital action I take. Moreover, I learned that the human interaction is e...

Michael Argast
Michael Argast
CEO and Co-Founder Kobalt Security Inc.

About the instructor

Michael Argast is an experienced cyber security professional with over 20 years of industry experience. He is the co-founder and CEO of Kobalt Security Inc., a start-up security service provider for small and mid-sized organizations.

In addition, Michael ran several security functions within TELUS for 5 years, and previously ran Sales Engineering worldwide for Sophos, leading 120 staff in 17 countries.

Michael has been repeated a speaker at local events as well as global lectures in Moscow, Madrid and Oxford University. 

Michael is a strong supporter of growing the breadth and diversity of the security community and welcoming students and career changers into the field. You can connect with him on LinkedIn or Twitter (@michaelargast).

Let's chat! You can contact Mike by email, on Linkedin or on Twitter.


Security isn't an IT job anymore - to combat cyberattacks, we need to transform our businesses and develop a culture of security.

This program is designed as the first step.

We expose the motives of hackers, explain their tools, and provide simple steps to protect yourself and your business.  

Our program has been completely updated, including information on new threats, more interactivity and handouts!


Please contact us to discuss our partner program or corporate rates.

Course Contents

7 Videos
5 Quizzes
3 Surveys
2 Texts
1.3 hrs